About us

About Us

We know how hard the trucking life is! We are a family owned company. We run our own trucks, so we know how hard it is to balance the expense of maintaining a truck with the need to simply pay your bills; much less get ahead! Our goal is to provide excellence to drivers and customers; alike.

Power Only

Forget the hassle of maintaining your own trailer, or even worse, paying for the privilege of leasing one. We run our trucks on Power Only contracts, and let the customer provide the trailer, and the service, when they need repair. Even better, keep more of the linehaul, because you are not leasing a trailer from the MC.

Over 30 years of experience

We have over 30 years in sales and brokerage experience. We believe in the American dream of working hard, and making it; even in this tough economy. We treat the drivers who run under our agency with the respect you deserve, and so seldom receive.

  • Terry Bailey
    ...I have been driving for Terri Dickson at JTK Logistics for two years now. I have driven for many companies, both large and small. I have had many different dispatchers. I have never had it better than with this company. I do a lot of power only, mostly drop and hook. Occasionally, I get stuck with live loads, but it's very rare. The pay is great. The dispatching is the best that I've ever had. I am very happy where I'm at right now and would recommend this job highly to any driver. It's less headache with hardly any problems and I can't say that for anywhere else I've driven.
    Terry Bailey
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